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Expressing oneself is a key part of being human. Teens love this, especially by doing things that show others their unique individual selves. It shows in their style of clothes, their jewelry, hairstyles, and others. Self-expression is always essential in this stage of life, and it should be nurtured instead of suppressed.

One very good way to hone the skill of self-expression is through the arts. In line with this, art classes should be strengthened in high schools. This subject is usually just put to the sidelines, as many educators and school boards deem the arts to be unimportant. Nothing could be further from the truth. The fact is that arts are actually very important.

Arts can represent a sort of “sanity break” for high school students. With all of the other subjects they study and the workload that comes along with them, creating art can be a big sigh of relief.

Art is not limited to paintings, sketches, and sculptures though. There are also performing arts like dance and theatre. Additionally, writing poetry and short stories are also a form of art, though some people would argue that it isn’t strictly “art”.

Therefore, in high school arts classes, it should not be limited to just teaching students how to draw, paint, or make handmade crafts. Students should also be taught how to move, act, sing, and perform creatively.

However, teaching everything to everyone will not work. Instead, arts classes should be tailor-fit to the kind of art each student wants. Not everyone would like to paint; in the same vein, not everyone would want to dance. Students must be allowed to choose the art they prefer so they can thrive. Once students are encouraged to pursue an art form they are passionate about, it is when they can maximize their talents to create truly beautiful and original works of art.

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