High School Videos

High school marks another important highlight of any kid's growing up years. It's the last stage of basic education, after which they can either get a job right away or move on to college. As such, high school is all about preparing teens for this next stage of life.

High school lessons are more rigorous and involve a lot of independent thinking. Students are taught to interpret data, analyze patterns, and form their own opinions on certain topics. Term papers are a regular thing, and it's something that students can lose sleepover. But it doesn't have to be that way if they manage their time well.

Speaking of which, time management is another thing that high school students learn. But they don't learn this skill because there is a subject called "Time Management." Rather, they learn it on their own as they balance the workloads of their various subjects, not to mention extracurriculars like sports clubs and debate teams. Each aspect of high school has its own set of demands, and these would really push students to adopt good time management skills.

High school also allows students to choose what they want to learn based on the career path they plan to pursue. For example, those who want to become scientists, doctors, or engineers would take up STEM subjects. These subjects are in the various areas of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics, which is what the acronym STEM stands for. For students who want to go into social sciences like psychology, economics, and history would take on humanities and social sciences subjects mostly.

And for those who want to work right after graduation, they may opt for the CATE (Career and Technical Education) programs. These subjects would give them the qualifications to land a job right after high school. Additionally, they would also have the option to pursue higher studies if they want to. CATE would qualify them for both paths.

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