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When one thinks of drama, usually the first thing that comes to mind is crying. Drama shows and movies, more often than not, involve the main actors and actresses shedding some tears. It is ingrained into people’s minds already that sadness is a requirement for something to be considered “drama”.

But in fact, the original definition of the word “drama” is really the art of acting. Any kind of acting, even if it does not involve crying, can be counted as drama. Thus, high school drama class is not necessarily teaching teens how to cry, but how to act.

Acting by itself is an art, and it isn’t an easy thing for most people. To a select few, it comes naturally, but to others, it takes so much mental and emotional effort. Because of this, drama class should not be for everyone. It should only be for students who are interested in the craft and passionate to improve their talent.

There are different kinds of drama, as is different kinds of story. Some dramas can even involve lots of laughter if it’s a comedy. The craft aims to bring out deep emotions from the actors and actresses: the more genuine it feels to the audience, the better a student is at dramatizing.

High school drama class can also be a huge stepping stone for aspiring young stars to start off early. The sooner their skills are honed, the better they will be when the time comes to be discovered. It’s not a bad ambition to be an actor or actress, and schools ought to nurture these talents instead of put them down. Saying “there’s no money in acting” will deal a significant blow to a student’s natural talent. On the other hand, nourishing a teen’s innate acting ability opens up a whole world of possibilities for her in the future.

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