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Podcasts that focus on art are still rare these days. It’s not a usual topic that podcast producers make content for, but that doesn’t mean it can’t work.

Podcasts can cover a very wide range of topics, from arts to astrophysics, from fashion to fitness. It just depends on the podcasters on what they want to talk about in their episodes.

Although art-centered podcasts are not that common, there are certain ones that do feature artists in some of their episodes. One good example is That Creative Life, hosted by the famous YouTuber Sara Dietschy (in case you’re wondering how to pronounce her last name, it rhymes with “peachy”). In many episodes of That Creative Life, Dietschy interviews artists of various forms, from visual artists to performing artists. There, the creatives talk about their everyday routines, how they make a living out of their art, and so on.

For those who consider starting their own podcast, art can indeed be a great topic of conversation. The field is also broad – you may cover dance, drama, creative writing, painting, digital art, interior design, sculpting, and many, many more. Depending on the podcast creator, it could be a very general arts podcast, or it may focus on a specific kind of art only.

Also, each particular episode may be about, say, tips and tricks on how to blend paint. Or it could be about how to make mini-sculptures from waste materials. Or how about how to make an origami pigeon? That sounds really fun.

Again, it can be an art form, as long as the podcast has a focus. If your podcasts jump between different topics, well, it’s still a podcast, but that technique tends to be less effective. So if you decide that your podcast will be about watercolor painting, make sure that all your episodes are about watercolor painting and nothing else. If you have guests, feature artists who use watercolor as a medium. Avoid going into other kinds of art that are outside your podcast’s niche.

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