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Computers, called “Colossus” were first used in World War II to crack German wartime codes. But it was only in 2010 that computers were used to manipulate data in an unimaginable way. The high-speed computing and recording power allowed high-level data analysis, something that deemed useful for science.

Computers interact with science through data detection, data recording, and computation. Calculations can be done through a computer in a way impossible for humans to achieve. It was only through computers that humans were able to calculate the digits of Pi.

Computers are useful in science and research in that it can be a means to detect data. Something that may be unnoticeable to a human eye cannot pass through high-computing computers. In fact, high-speed photography, for example, something that seemed impossible, are now controllable because of computer components and other valuable assets. Scientific detection is possible because the computer has the capacity to sample billions of information at a second.

Another key usage of computer for science is through data manipulation. Written works can now be done quickly because of word processing programs that allow computer processing to manipulate word data. This is a very efficient replacement for the costly and time-consuming typewriters.

Computer science taps into a wide range of learning including an algorithmic foundation that brings people to theoretical grounds that allow developments in robotics and bioinformatics. Computer scientists design softwares and also assist in its implementation. Meaning, they supervise programmers and teach them about new approaches in the field. In a way, they are the people behind the creation of new kinds of computer languages like the human-computer-interface now famously known as the World Wide Web. Now, the scientist is taking advantage of computers through robotics, allowing the ae of intelligent aids, discovery or invention that might change the course of computers in the next years to come.

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