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Children find apparent joy in kinesthetic exploration through music. This usually leads to dance and movement that contributes to a positive disposition. Dance are effective tools to teach children basic life skills and rules needed to become successful in life. Life skills include spatial awareness, taking turns, listening, and following directions.

Spatial awareness is taught when teachers use colors and shapes to bring kids to stand in a certain area. This is basically teaching students to not become offended, in the real world, when someone gets into their personal bubble. This may even avoid conflict in the playground.

Taking turns usually happens as dancers know the right time to show their skills to everyone. Children may interact better in the real world if they are able to understand when best to get their message across. This also corresponds to learning to be patient for turns and identifying efficiency and organization, in the process. Reinforcing this skill through dance helps kids become more acquainted to daily expectations.

Listening is an obvious skill taught in dancing. The more dancers are able to listen, the more they develop their musicality and the beat. Good listening skills help students become successful in school, understand rules, and communicate with others.

Lastly, following directions are reinforced in every dance step students need to perfect. Dancing requires students to follow the direction of every part of the production, may it be the choreographer, the music, fellow dancers, and even the stage, and how all these interact in a precise or imprecise manner. Having that ability to follow directions, and finding a rhythm in the world's various directions, can become a huge asset toward succeeding in life.

Teachers may have many other activities to reinforce similar life skills. But the way dance brings them out in a non-intrusive and fun manner is unparalleled. Combine an effective choreographer with music, movement, grace, and fun make for an amazing dance experience.

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