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Design is a plan produced to show how buildings, garments, and other objects look in relation to their function. What makes for good and effective design is more than just drawing. But it isn't hard science, either. It's a combination of behavioral research, understanding of culture, defining a context, and setting on a focus point.

Looking into human behavior provides a sense of action, and often leads to innovative ideas driven by empathy. Way-finders, the invisible designers of our time, have a way of easing up the process for hospital patients to find emergency rooms or the radiology lab. But before wayfinders were able to determine these signs, they had to understand the practices and patterns in hospitals.

Designers also become effective when they make an effort to understand the culture of a place and use that insight to influence their designs. The innovativeness of open layout in interior design, for instance, has brought families together. This has become the standard in newly constructed residences today.

Participant-observation is the method most designers use in order to define context from a physical and virtual setting. This is when they are able to draw out cultural shapes and identify touch points that make them see where customers and business interact.

But one thing that some designers often regret is putting their eye in so many things at the same time. Ill-defined problems, lack of proper timelines and schedules are common situations that lead to poor design solutions. While ambiguity is inevitable at the early stages of the project, clarity eventually needs to take over in order to manifest a good output. Thus, it's important for designs to go through a process of synthesis-cutting to find something to focus on. For some, this is called boundaries of design, which was highly debated even from the legendary Charles Eames, the designer of the famous Eames Lounge Chair.

Designers thrive when they are able to produce a plan that makes people tick. If you would like to explore design, click on the videos below.

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