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Music touches the soul. It uplifts, empowers, relaxes, and comforts the people who listen. It is one of humanity’s great creations.

High school students are maybe the foremost consumers of music. Along with that, many of them also want to be creators of music. It is another medium for them to express themselves, and for teens, self-expression is a way of life.

High school music class is a great way to get students into the rhythm of things. It could introduce them into different musical instruments they can learn, as well as different musical styles for them to adopt. It isn’t simply about reading notes, counting beats, and other bits of music theory. It’s way bigger than that.

In practice, sticking with only the theoretical parts of music is not the best way of teaching it. Many students tend to get bored easily, eventually losing their interest in music altogether. If upon starting music class, they were passionate about it, and after a few weeks or months, their passion is gone, something is not right in how music was taught to them.

Teaching music should allow students to learn how to play their favorite songs and pieces. Once students perform pieces of music that they love, the passion sticks with them. In turn, students will be able to do their best work and perform at their peak.

Imagine if recitals were all about music students performing their favorite songs instead of pieces that they were just forced to do. Students would be a lot less nervous, less stressed, and every minute of practice they spend will be a pleasure to them.

Music is not just confined to the tunes of classical times. High schools must also seek to embrace the new music of the age. Not all of it is bad; they are just of a different style.

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