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We have seen schools cutting arts, especially painting, from the curriculum. Painting is often merely fun addition to a class or a supplementary activity for students to complete in order to pass a subject. What schools need to be reminded is that there are several benefits for children when they learn how to paint. They become in touch with their creativity, learn through visuals, persevere in difficult tasks, find a personal skill to focus, and ultimately improve their academic performance.

Creativity is an innate task in all individuals. Even the ability to find sustenance require a bit of creative knack. But what students can discover through painting is more of the art to express themselves better than they ever will with hard skills from math and science. Students learn how to use different mediums to make statements or even paint something that represents a memory. The motor skills derived from painting can make creativity come naturally for students.

Visual learning from drawing and painting can help kids develop visual-spatial language and other skills. This helps students understand the world for what certain sights evoke. They can even discover subtleties and subtext from learning how to draw out meanings from visuals. Much of these skills are harder to develop simply by texts or numbers.

Art can be challenging especially because there's a certain amount of skill needed to be able to be good at it. This is where students learn perseverance. They learn that mastery in painting comes from hard work. They also realize that it isn’t about copying an existing piece but creating new geniuses from their own imagination. A student's perseverance to discover themselves through painting will make them continually develop new skills and work through difficult projects.

Focus is as imperative as perseverance when it comes to painting. A certain amount of focus is vital to get jobs done right.

Ultimately, incorporating painting into a student's life may improve their academic performance. This type of art spills over into their other academic tasks. They are able to find innovativeness in completing assignments because of the unique learnings they discover in themselves while learning to paint.

If you are thinking about incorporating painting in your school, check out these painting lessons created by fellow educators.

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