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What question do photographers and photography enthusiast get asked the most? Yes, that’s right. The “That’s a great photo. What camera are you using?” question. If you are the type of photographer who is tired of this question, then you’re probably the kind who has invested slightly less on technology, and more on experience. With this comes another common question, “what kind of photographer are you?” Because, of course, not all photographers who shoot wedding photos are basic wedding photographers. Even that category brings out different kinds of photography styles. If you are having trouble figuring out who you are as a photographer, perhaps you can learn by these 3 things: drawing from self, going out everyday, and finally, upgrading your equipment, if necessary.

Drawing out from yourself simply means that you don’t need to copy other people’s subject choices and compositions to capture that perfect shot. Sure, the web provides countless examples you can draw inspiration from. But that doesn’t mean you have to redo other people’s work. Like in any art form, being true to oneself makes an artist unique, and ground that person to become that hidden gem about to be released to the world. Perhaps you may come from a specific culture or a city or a unique kind of family that can become your identity as a photographer.

Going out everyday is also literally exploring the world and using what it offers as your subject. You may find everyday objects to be magical when captured. There might be a decaying leaf in your backyard, or an old patterned wall in your grandmother's room. You can also go as far as exploring new adventures like Mary Ellen Mark, whose signature subjects were characters who live in the outer fringes of society. Take particular interest in unexpected people and objects that may even display grittier realities ordinary people often ignore.

Upgrading your equipment means that you can’t use artistic choices as an excuse for a poorly taken photo. If there is a need for you to shoot beautiful wide shots of landscapes when you only have a 50mm lens, then that already signals for a drastic plea to purchase. While it’s not always about the camera, you can save a great deal of frustration if you invest a little on your equipment.

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