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Artists and art enthusiast will agree that one of the most interesting digital sculptures are 3D characters from games and animations. However, this skill is often associated for professional levels. If you are a beginner that wants to learn digital sculpting for the first time, there are tutorials for you. Note that you don't really need prior experience before diving into these videos because they are even intended for people with zero knowledge about software. Although, you will need to have a little appreciation for drawing and traditional sculptures to keep up.

So what is sculpting in the first place? It’s a branch in visual arts that delves into three-dimensional arts made from modeling, casting, welding, and carving a variety of mediums. Since 230,000 BCE or earlier, sculptors use metal, wood, clay, and stone like the oldest known Stone Age sculpture, the “Venus of Berekhat Ram”. Unconventional artists like Pablo Picasso, used bicycle parts in his famous sculpture entitled, “Bull’s Head”.

In the contemporary age, artists can explore non-traditional forms that include kinetic sculpture and 3D modeling, or digital sculpting. This is a new form of sculpture where artists interact with digital models, similar to how earlier artists deal with stone or clay. They have what you can call "virtual clay" to create sculptures.

Digital sculpting is essentially bringing your own ideas to life using intuitive and fun approaches for 3D modelling. The main aspects of learning these skills are for the creation of 3D models for still images, games, animation and 3D printing. The process includes creating 3D models from scratch that may even show different component parts, adding painting colors and surface details to these models, exporting the models as rendered images that can be used for other programs, and finally, allowing you to play around with personal model choices after each course. There is no limit to your imagination in doing a sculpture.

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