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English is used around the world. About two billion people speak this language, making it the most common to about a quarter of the world’s population.

People decide to learn English as a second language for many reasons. Some acquire the language to converse properly with a loved one. Others simply want to understand popular information from the internet. The most significant reason, though, is for economic leverage. People who speak English do have an edge in academic conversations and business talks. There is definitely a higher employment opportunity for those who can articulate their skills well. In fact, companies now have required English as a corporate language and a must-have skill to possess for all employees. It has unquestionably become a universal language for business.

There are various channels to learn English. A very popular method to learn English as a second language is through an online tutor. Not only is this more affordable, but it is also less of a hassle compared to a traditional class. There are a lot of tutorial services online that students can choose from. There are also classes in Teacher Tube that are very helpful especially for beginners. And they are so much fun because the classes usually allow students to just have a conversation in order to practice what they have studied.

Of course, another method that also involves technology is just to watch more English movies and listen to English podcast. Films are clearly fun and entertaining. Students would not feel as though they are compelled to learn because they are occupied with joy. A good choice would be something produced by British and American filmmakers. If students want a rather classical and formal type of English, they can do Brit. American English is for informal and conversational use.

Podcasts are good sources of training, as well. Speakers really use conversational tones that listeners can easily pick up. It’s meant to become engaging as it is a source for new knowledge among many learners. The podcast doesn’t even have to be about English as a subject. As long as the speaker uses English, then that’s a good call.

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