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Many nonnative speakers of the world consider German a difficult language. And that’s because this language is gendered. There are specific words that are meant to mean male and others that mean female. And it gets more complex because some words are very long which makes the grammar less intuitive compared to other foreign languages.

However, learning German can be easy if students follow these two fun steps. This is a language learning hack that might seem too alternative but works just fine.

Convert Home into a Mini-Germany

One way to learn a language is to understand the culture where the language comes from. For such a complex language like German, associating common household things with German terms can work wonders. And not only that, but learners can also even make things like smartphones and computer multilingual to show both English and their German counterpart words.

Then there’s also watching movies on Netflix or videos in TeacherTube without subtitles. It’s a good way to supplement lessons from a tutor with actual people speaking even if it means accessing these conversations digitally. Listening to podcasts is also another way to hear native German speakers and practice picking up what they are talking about.

Find a Native Speaker Friend

Making friends is not innate for everyone. But when it comes to learning German, it might be a necessary skill to possess. Students can do a great deal of help if they find a German native speaker who they can practice with. Of course, tutors are of great help but they focus more on grammar and formal sentences. What learners need to be able to grasp German quickly is to converse with a native speaker on a daily basis. It’s efficient, without a cost, and can add to more social contracts.

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