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Greek is a fun language to acquire. But it can become quite tricky if the process is boring. While there are no shortcuts to learning a language like Greek, there are tips that speakers have shared to help those who are still in Greek classes.

First is to use new words learned over and over again. It can be through speaking in Greek all the time when possible. Students can try reading Greek books, as well, then try to draft an analysis through writing. This is a good practice on comprehension that might become a way to become fluent in no time.

Second is to become visual about it. Humans are dominantly visual learners so associating new words learned with drawings and pictures can help make the process of acquiring the skills easier. If students are not really into drawing, they can take a picture of an object and label that with its Greek word.

The third is to become interested in Greece, its culture and traditions. Like most languages, some words have historical roots that can only be fully understood when learners try to grasp a bit of context. So it really aids in the learning process to be equipped with a little bit of culture.

Fourth is to find a friend who speaks Greek. There should be someone in the area or a friend of the tutor who likes to spend time having drinks, going out or simply chatting. That person can be an additional way to practise Greek. Because while having a tutor helps immensely, retention is better when the new language is practiced all the time.

Fifth is just to watch Greek movies and videos without subtitles. This is a way to sort of listen to a conversation and try to understand the situation without having translations as a guide. Another similar activity would be to listen to a podcast. This helps learners grasp conversational Greek sentences that may become helpful for practical use in the future.

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