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Whether it be in order to have a better vacation experience or to adjust to a new job location in Italy, learning Italian is definitely a fun experience. It’s the kind of foreign language often familiar to the ears even to those who are not native speakers. When this language is heard, people often associate it with art and music.

Connecting with History

There is definitely a lot of history in Italy. In fact, it is the country with the most number of Unesco protected cultural sites. It’s a place full of pretty and wonderful things like the remains of the Roman Empire and all of the stunning works from the Renaissance. There’s also the natural beauties of the Cinque Terre, churches of Rome, and the Vatican Museums. The fine arts and architecture are partly the reason why many tourists visit this place, and why they want to learn to speak the language.

The Language of Music

There are so many Italian musicians and singers that music is often associated with the place. There’s the “mezzoforte” or “andantino”, and then the “la chiave”, all of which makes everyone want to appreciate music and Italy altogether. And truly so, as musical notation did start here during the Renaissance. Perhaps that’s the reason why their language feels like a song.

The Secret to a Wonderful Life

It has been portrayed in films and books many times but rather popularized in Eat, Pray Love. The Italian way of life is to experience life through “il dolce far niente”, meaning to do nothing. The people of Italy are known to value work-life balance so they do not rush to do one thing and then another. That also goes with learning their language. It has to be learned by cherishing the lingo with the locals, or spending quality time and acquiring fluency in the process.

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