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Over the past decade, there has been an increase in the number of students learning the Japanese language. This indicates an underlying interest in the Japanese culture mainly due to the popularity of Japanese content in popular culture like anime, manga, and video games.

Is it necessary to enroll in formal classes to study and learn Japanese?

In a traditional classroom setting, a sensei can easily guide students on how to progress in their language training.

But let’s be honest—not everyone can afford to pay for language school.
Luckily, the internet has allowed easy access to information which is beneficial to those who are interested in learning foreign languages. Aside from the availability of several online course materials, a lot of students share their journey on how they achieved language proficiency online which can serve as a helpful guide for beginners.

So, is self-studying Japanese a more viable option for you than formal classroom training?

Learning a foreign language greatly depends on your interest and discipline. Self-studying provides freedom to learners without restrictions. But with great freedom comes great responsibility. Online training is self-paced. Therefore, you are in charge of looking for reliable resource materials and in managing your study schedule. You need to create a system to track your progress. Staying consistent is crucial.

In formal classroom training, exams are the best way to assess your skill level. As a self-learner, a textbook with practice exercises can help measure your progress. Exposing yourself to the Japanese language through pop culture can also improve your reading and comprehension skills. Moreover, you can use online apps, practice with a study buddy, or apply for language exchange to improve your speaking skills.

Ask yourself: Why do I want to learn Japanese? Am I willing to devote one to two hours every day in learning the language? How can I develop study habits so that I can stay consistent until I reach my goal?

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