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Podcasting is a great platform to educate people about any topic under the sun. This includes history. And what better way to do that than by listening to someone tell a story about past events through a podcast?

History itself is a broad spectrum of many things. There’s ancient history, prehistory, modern history, Asian history, American history, African history, history of wars, history of science, and many, many more. Basically, anything that has past has a history. As such, there’s a mountain of content to choose from in this niche.

Take BBC Radio 4’s In Our Time: History as an example. It talks of a wide variety of historical people and places: from Alexander the Great to the Great Wall of China. Also, it covers a very broad range of timelines, both ancient and modern. So if you’re getting bored reading those thick, badly written history books, podcasts like this are definitely for you.

If you’re down for something more specific and action-packed, try the more eccentric historical podcasts like Revolutions. It talks about any and all sorts of movements that sparked change: the American Revolution, French Revolution, Mexican Revolution, and so much more. It’s not even one episode each; the French Revolution, for example, has 50 episodes in this podcast.

Want to know some useful tidbits about each American President that came before? Check out Presidential, created by The Washington Post. It covers every single man that sat down in the highest seat of power in the United States, from George Washington all the way to Donald Trump. This podcast will certainly up your American History trivia game.

Of course, there’s a lot more, depending on your taste in history. The point is, you can learn a lot from listening to our rich histories. As the old saying from George Santayana goes, those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

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