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Cooking is a skill that sets humans apart from animals and other species. Think about it: nearly all animals eat their food raw; it’s only us who prefer our food fried, steamed, broiled, or baked before we eat them. It is a uniquely human characteristic.

Knowing that it is also a basic skill that every person needs to learn. Preparing one’s own food is a skill that is getting lost these days, thanks to how busy people are. This skill is essential to having a healthy diet, so it must be learned.

What better way to do that than in school? In Home Economics class, cooking is one of the things students will study. It would involve everything from choosing ingredients, knife skills, seasonings, and different methods of cooking. This is not a culinary school, though, so those more advanced techniques for chefs may not be included. Even then, at least the basics would be taught; it’s just what most students need.

By all means, safety in the kitchen is also key. Because of that, the home economics class should not neglect to teach students how to cook safely. The two most common kitchen accidents are cuts and fires, and those who have never had kitchen experience are the most prone to these mishaps. With that in mind, home economics has to teach how to slice food without cutting oneself and how to use a stove without burning the countertop.

Despite those safety concerns, cooking does not have to be intimidating. Once students get the hang of it, they will actually find it fun and exciting. Once they have the basics down, they are free to experiment on their own recipes.

Those who are extra artistic may even create concoctions unlike anything else. After all, cooking is also an art form where the knife is the brush and the food is the canvas.

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