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Not everyone has a green thumb, but most people love looking at greenery. Looking at nature is always relaxing, and in fact, it is a recommended activity to prevent eye strain. This is especially helpful for people who work in front of a screen most of the time.

It’s always nice at home to have a garden. Whether a big garden or a small one, it’s one of the key things that any home ought to have. Aside from making the front lawn beautiful, a garden can also be a source of food. People can grow small crops like tomatoes, potatoes, cabbage, and eggplant right within their homes. It gives two benefits: first, it allows people to save money on groceries, and secondly, they are sure that their food is grown the way they want it to.

Tending to a garden, though, can take some work. It’s a lot more challenging for those who lack the necessary skills. For some people, they have a plant, and in a few weeks, it’s already wilted and dying. This is definitely not good for a garden.

The only way to avoid such a thing is to actually have the skills needed for gardening. This can be learned at any age, but it’s best learned as early as possible in Home Economics class.

As gardening is a practical set of skills, it’s the ideal opportunity for students to get out of the classroom for a while and experience nature firsthand. The experience of digging, planting, and tilling the soil would be a new experience for most students, but it should be exciting.

On top of that, the satisfaction they’ll feel when they see their babies spring up will be like no other. It’s going to teach them the value of taking good care of their natural resources.

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