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Manners make the man. One of those manners is keeping oneself kept. A well-groomed person commands much respect. Especially in professional circles, keeping oneself groomed is very important. No one wants to deal with someone who doesn’t look professional, after all.

For some people, grooming is an art, but for most people, it can be a chore. Thus, it would be a good idea to teach grooming skills at an early age. Home Economics class would be a great avenue to impart these skills to young men and women.

To many, grooming may be primarily about hairstyle. While it’s true that one’s hair reflects his personality, grooming is more than just choosing a good hairstyle. The hair is only one part of the body; good grooming is from head to toe.

Good grooming is about making one’s self presentable in many different situations. It also has a lot to do with the choice of clothes one wears. Underdressing to a formal event is considered unacceptable, but overdressing can also be viewed in a negative way.

Men and women have different kinds of wardrobe, and so different methods of dressing for various occasions. Home Economics class could teach students about these differences, giving them a good idea of these otherwise obscure dress codes. For instance, what is smart casual? And how is that different from business casual? Also, if business casual looks a bit formal already, how is it distinct from actual formal?

Those nuances in dress codes are confusing even to some adults these days. But if kids can be taught early as to what those dress codes mean, they’ll have a much easier time dressing themselves appropriately later in life. They’ll have no more trouble figuring out if they are underdressed, overdressed, or dressed just right for the occasion. It’s another essential life skill they would be glad to have, especially once they become adults.

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