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If there’s one thing that parents really love to hate, it’s messy rooms. Surely, many parents have told off their kids for having rooms that look like a tornado went through them. The kids, meanwhile, just shrug it off and bring along this messiness into their adult lives.

True enough, many young adults who live by themselves have this tendency to leave their places untidy. Sure, they are indeed busy. They work hard. But that should not be an excuse to not clean up once in a while.

For that reason, home economics class should include topics on basic housekeeping. There are a few aspects of the home that always need to be regularly maintained: floor, carpet, sheets, pillows, couches, and more. Keeping them at least tidy, if not spotless, should be an essential life skill that every student has before approaching adulthood.

Good housekeeping skills are great assets for many people. It is another important aspect of getting their lives in order. Having good careers as well as well-kept homes makes a person both successful and respectable. It would also be easier to invite people over if the place is always tidy. There would be no shame having anyone over, even those occasional surprise visits by friends.

Knowing how to keep one’s home squeaky clean is also a great money-saving tactic. Instead of hiring someone to clean the place every now and then, people can just do it themselves. It may not seem like a lot of savings in the short run, but when compounded, the money adds up. In the long run, it’s surprising how much people stand to save in terms of cleaning expenses.

Also, the phenomenon of “I can’t find my things” can be avoided. When people have a habit of regularly tidying up their spaces, they would always know where their things are. They would always know where to keep the things that are out of place. There would be much fewer episodes of being late for work because it took too long to find an important document.

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