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Sewing is more of a specialty skill nowadays. Most people would rather have it done by expert tailors. In today’s world, people are just too busy to do the sewing themselves. Because of that, sewing is becoming one of those lost arts.

For some people, they are too afraid to fiddle with a needle. Sewing requires much dexterity and patience, so some people would just rather not. For them, the risk of injury far outweighs the cost of hiring a professional tailor.

But it’s not all the time that one needs a tailor. If, say, it’s just a small rip in her jeans, it’s just a small fix to be done. Doing it herself can save her a lot of money. Plus, there’s that great feeling of achievement of doing something by herself.

Why not also teach sewing skills in Home Economics class? It doesn’t have to be the very complicated, artistic kinds of stitches. The most practical and basic methods will do, like closing up a seam, sewing buttons back into a shirt, and patching up small tears.

Both hand sewing and machine sewing can also be taught, so students will know how to deal with both. A sewing machine can be fun to use, but it’s not always the best for all situations. Other fixes may require using old-fashioned threads, needles, and pins.

Sewing may also be an art form. Those that know their way around the needle can create fancy displays of threaded art. Not just that, they can even sell those products and earn a good living from them.

Many people may not think sewing is a necessary skill, but it’s really helpful. Everybody wears clothes, and one way or the other, clothes will rip and tear. Therefore, having that knowledge of sewing is a good asset for anyone to have.

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