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Humans are designed as social beings. That’s why the saying “no man is an island” always rings true. But even if all humans are social beings, not everyone has pretty good social skills, especially for people who have very introverted or phlegmatic personality types. And even extroverted people can have poor people skills too.

For those reasons, it would be a great idea to include social skills in Home Economics class. These skills are common and can be applied by people of any personality type. Such would include how to introduce oneself, the art of having a good conversation, dealing with awkward situations, resolving conflicts, and many more. Even basic leadership skills can be added to the mix.

Social skills need to be taught now more than ever, especially to young people who are so used to social media. To many of them, interacting with others via Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are the only social skills they need to survive in this new age. However, that could not be farther from the truth. Real social skills involve real life, face to face interactions with real people in the real world. Virtual socialization skills are a good start but are definitely not enough.

Even simply greeting and introducing oneself to a new person can be quite a challenge for people these days. The experience can be riveting, as there is no more anonymity of hiding behind a screen. The very basic gesture of eye contact can make a lot of people nervous, in turn rendering them unable to say anything at all. However, if equipped from an early age, many awkward social situations like this can be avoided.

Teaching proper social skills to young students can also improve their own social lives within school. It can help reduce incidences of bullying and feelings of loneliness. It will also help students cultivate genuine, lasting relationships with their classmates, which they will also bring along with them into adulthood.

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