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English is the global lingua franca, and most people from most countries can understand English. It is the bridge between people who have different native languages. It allows different cultures to exchange ideas freely. With that, it is one of those essential subjects for high school learners.

English teaches students several skills, from the very basic grammar to high-level poetry. But by far the most important thing that students must learn is communication skills. Basically, the function of the English language should be conveying a message to another person and understanding the message that another person conveys. Both communicators must have the same understanding; otherwise, communication has failed.

Grammar is the technical side of the English language, marked by its many rules and formulas. Of course, this is basic, since every student must know how to construct sentences properly. They must know how words are strung together, and which words are correct in different contexts. Grammar is essential in communication, as using incorrect grammar can muddle the message of an English user.

When students have the communication skills by heart, they can then move on to the more fun side of English, which is the artistic side of it. Literature and poetry add a great new dimension to the learning of the English language. It exposes students to the great authors remembered across time, as well as their ideas that have shaped generations. This side of English piques their creativity and tugs at their minds to create their own works of art with words.

The most fun part of learning English is learning how to use words creatively for one’s own purposes. This is where creative writing comes in, and in it, students are free to weave words to create their own written tapestries. Anyone who can do creative writing has mastered English well enough.

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