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Back in the day, radio shows were quite popular. People could hear their favorite voices on-air discussing various topics, from current events to lifestyle. People like listening to these shows while doing things like household chores. It’s a nice way to multitask while doing menial, routine work. The best benefit is that people get to learn something each time.

In today’s technology, the radio still exists, and there are still many radio shows available on many different subjects. However, the way people listen to them has changed significantly. Right now, people no longer want to wait for scheduled shows to go on air. Rather, they prefer to listen to their favorite shows on their own time. Because of this, podcasts rose to fame.

Podcasts are like recorded radio shows that can be listened to on-demand. This means that people can listen to them any time they want, anywhere they may be, as long as there is an internet connection. Individual podcast episodes may also be downloaded for listening offline.

Podcasts come in different flavors, talking about subjects from science to travel. There are informative podcasts about history, the environment, even politics.

Some podcasts are of a general nature, talking about many different kinds of topics that are recent and relevant. Some examples are Radiolab and Stuff You Should Know. These kinds of podcasts connect current events with principles of economics, science, and other subjects.

There are also entertainment podcasts that also tell informative stories, such as the podcast called Serial. Serial is a podcast whose theme is investigative journalism, and as such, it covers several current events that touch on various social issues. Each story is told over several episodes, which allows for plot twists as the real-world story develops.

With the wide range of podcasts available today, people would have no shortage of content to listen to.

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