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In a popular survey, a number of Americans were asked what their greatest fear is. Surprisingly, it’s not snakes, spiders, drowning, or falling. It’s actually public speaking. True enough, so many people dread speaking in front of an audience that they would rather be scared out of their minds with other things. Just don’t let them experience having to stand on a stage in front of dozens of onlookers.

Speaking, though, is not just a specialized skill that only a few people can have anymore. It has become an essential skill in many careers, especially in positions of leadership. CEOs, presidents, and heads of organizations all have to speak to their subordinates one way or the other. And they don’t have to speak just once; they have to speak often.

For this reason, it is absolutely crucial that speaking skills are taught in high school. It would be very hard to succeed in adult life if students cannot even give a short speech in front of people. Good leaders are also good speakers, so this skill is essential for students who want to take the lead in the future.

The debate is an even more advanced skill. A person cannot be a good debater if she is not already a good speaker. Debating involves a lot of persuasions, as well as logic. It’s a separate skill that takes lots of practical experience to hone. That’s why in many high schools, there are debate clubs that train students for that very purpose.

If a student is a good speaker as well as a good debater, she certainly is a force to be reckoned with. People like that have the potential to be the greatest leaders in their fields. With that in mind, schools must never neglect to imbibe students with this highly valuable skill set.

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