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Science: love it or hate it, it’s everywhere, and the laws of science dictate the universe we live in. But learning science can be such a chore. If you hated science growing up, you would know the struggle by heart. If science to you was just about memorizing useless facts, then you are not alone. So many people are thinking the same thing, so science doesn’t really appeal to them.

What if someone told you that science can be as fun as hearing a story? Would you change your mind? If that caught your attention, look to the world of podcasts. Discovering the realms of science does not have to always consist of boring, jargon-heavy lectures.

One way to learn science is through small tidbits and trivia. From chemistry, geology, biology, physics, and everything else in between, there’s a podcast for that. Check out 60 Second Science from the authors and editors of the hugely popular Scientific American magazine. Each day, fill your brain with a bite-sized but very intriguing piece of science news. It covers anything from the latest research to new discoveries that completely rewrite the science textbooks.

As much as good science is abundant on the web, lots of bad science and fake science are also in the mix. Sometimes, it’s even hard to tell the truth from the counterfeits, much like cash. The podcast called Science Vs pits sound, evidence-based scientific principles against claims made by the media, celebrities, and memes, among others.

Science is never meant to be boring. Science will reveal the truth about a lot of the things in our world, so it isn’t something to be afraid of. Podcasts just may change your mind about science if you don’t like it, so take a risk and enjoy. You’ll learn a lot, too, while you’re at it.

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