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Earth is our home. Our only home, for that matter. Therefore, the environment is a really important thing to take care of. Deforestation, habitat destruction, climate change, and many other things can destroy our planet, our only home. For this reason, environmental science plays a big role in helping us residents of Earth take good care of it.

Issues about the environment are always hot topics these days. There are things like plastic pollution, carbon emissions, and sustainability.

The first one is such a big problem that more and more people are catching on. Because of the growing backlash against single-use plastics, people are making big steps to counteract the problem. For example, a clever startup called ByFusion has created a machine that can turn plastic bottles into bricks. This ensures fewer bottles would end up in landfills and oceans.

Another environmental issue that a lot of people are talking about has to do with carbon dioxide emissions. They say that the biggest culprits are our cars that run on gasoline and diesel, which are the so-called fossil fuels. To respond to this situation, car manufacturers are now beginning to produce more and more hybrid cars and electric vehicles. Hybrids, like the Toyota Prius, are designed to run on both gasoline and electricity; on the other hand, there are those like the Tesla Model S that runs entirely on battery power. Cars that do not depend on fossil fuels have significantly lower carbon emissions.

Yet another environmental problem modern civilization faces is how fast Earth’s resources are being used up. As more and more products are manufactured, a lot more of the Earth is being mined away, and pretty soon these raw materials will run out. Therefore, recycling is a big thing that will help. Also, the idea of using old and worn products (especially electronics) as raw materials for making new products is very appealing. This way, waste can be turned back into something useful. In turn, there will be less waste in the environment.

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