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Scientists would call the field of physics as a “fundamental science”. This means that physics concerns the very basics of how the universe around us works, from the smallest atoms to the largest galaxies. Physics is a world of wonders to explore.

For many high school students, though, this is not the case. Instead, most of them view physics as a complete pain in the neck, with all its formulas, concepts, and complex problem-solving components. They don’t find the awe and wonder in the subject; what they find physics to be is just another subject with tests to pass.

However, no science should be boring. It’s just in how physics is taught. Skilled teachers can make learning physics a heck of a show, like the renowned professor Walter Lewin from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). He may not be a high school teacher, but students from any level would really love his physics teaching technique. He uses real-life demonstrations to teach otherwise abstract physical concepts, engaging the senses of his students in every lecture.

He still does teach the formulas and the math behind them, but not in a boring way. Lewin actually goes out of his way to explain those formulas in detail: what each variable means, how changes in one variable would affect the others, and so on. He ensures that students have a full understanding of a concept before moving on to the next one. And the demonstrations he does ensures that students really appreciate the concepts fully.

Teaching physics the interactive way, instead of the traditional “copy everything on the chalkboard” way, will make students more interested in the subject. It will take away the fear of physics, replacing it with a genuine understanding of physical concepts as well as greater curiosity for the way the universe works.

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