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Teaching math is a big challenge. There are a range of abilities in one classroom, and there are definitely one of two students who end up struggling in their attempt new concepts. Those with more room for improvement are often left behind by their peers. This is due to a large achievement gap between students, making it a prevalent problem of math learners in elementary. Diversifying learning styles can be a good practice to ascertain a student’s math abilities.

However, there are many effective learning strategies that may help teachers know where to start. The idea is to make math fun by personalizing the method of teaching for the classroom.

Hands-On Learning

This is beyond writing the numbers on their papers. Children need to visualize the scenario in order to successfully grasp concepts. There are hands-on tools like clay, building blocks and wooden blocks that make it easier for children to understand math ideas. Puzzles are also a fantastic resource to exhibit number building operations, fractions, sorting, patterns, 3D shapes, and much more.

Use of Visuals and Images

Countless research like National Council of Teachers of Mathematics have demonstrated the many effective methods of teaching math beyond classic textbooks. One such method is using visuals to help lock those concepts to the mind and keep a student’s interest in mathematics. That can be done through highly engaging visuals during classes. The visuals can be in the form of slideshows, or in the form of a fun and funky a rap video.

This brings us to something connected: Incorporating Storytelling. This causes students to relate to real world scenarios. A simple activity that would pluck out experiences about the real world from students can be something that can help them attach math to their daily lives. Also, concepts are better remembered when it is taught in a time the students were happy. Employing storytelling would bring out the happy emotions from students while they are learning.

Math isn’t easy for sure. But with these 3 strategies, teachers can fully accomplish what they set out to do.

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