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You don't have to be in a school anymore to learn math. And you don't have to learn math the boring way, either. Instead, you can discover the wonders of the world of numbers. Other than memorizing rules, why not learn essential problem-solving skills you can actually use in life? Gone are the days where you would always say math has no real-life applications. Podcasts can teach you how mathematics can make your life easier.

Since math comes in different levels, math podcasters also have that in mind. You can find podcasts for primary arithmetic, algebra, calculus, and many more. If you’re the more mathematically-inclined type, you may even go as far as those that deal with differential equations, topology, wavefunctions, and many other specialized forms of math. These things can be applied mainly in the fields of physics. So if you’re either a physicist who wants to hone his math skills or just an average Joe who wants to explore an eccentric branch of math, why not?

One key thing about podcasts is interviews with known authority figures in their respective fields. Of course, math podcasts do not lack in this aspect. There’s those like Women in Math: The Limit Does Not Exist, which features many brilliant female mathematicians in their episodes. They share their success stories as well as frustrations, bloopers, and other things that go on in their lives outside of the ivory towers.

And who’s to say that math can’t be friends with storytelling? Oh yes, there are such things as math podcasts that tell stories! Have a look at Relatively Prime: Stories from the Mathematical Domain. This podcast also interviews several known mathematical experts where they tell their own stories for you to hear. Pleasantly, of course; they won’t drown you with math jargon that you don’t care about.

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